Easy to share
Forget copying and pasting long addresses. Share your .vlx name instead!
Make transacting a breeze
Just enter the recipients .vlx name. No more stress about sending to the wrong address.
Naming for wallets
Have other people's wallets display your name when you send them money, and vice versa.
Your Full Control
Velas domains is an ERC721 compliant NFT. Your domains are securely stored in your wallet and only you can manage and move them.
Auditing & Security
Audited open source smart contracts ensure that sending money to the Velas domains is just as secure as sending to a regular address.

Velas Domains Ecosystem

By registering a domain like hello.vlx, Use it to link widgets, share your avatar, publish contact information, and more.
Unlimited Subdomains
Create unlimited subdomains like anything.hello.vlx. You can create subdomains for members of your organization easily.
Public Profile
Include publicly visible profile information in your Velas domains such as: websites, links, social networks...
Your NFT Avatar
Easily set your picture as your NFT Avatar, show anywhere anytime, like NFT Avatar on Twitter.
NFT Galleries
NFT Galleries where you can display and share your personal NFT collections.


What is blockchain domains?
A blockchain domain is an asset class on the blockchain. Blockchain domains are designed to resolve your web address and wallet using smart contracts. This is a useful step in your crypto journey.
Can I transfer my blockchain domains?
It's correct. The domains in the blockchain are ERC721 compliant NFTs, you can transfer it using an ERC721 enabled wallet.
Does Velas Domains blockchain domains compatible with ICANN traditional domains?
No. Velas Domains blockchain domains are built using blockchain technology, It can help you to launch distributed web which traditional domains cannot do.
Can Velas Domains be traded on NFT exchange?
Yes, Velas Domains may be traded on NFT marketplaces soon
How much does it cost to register?
Currently, subscription costs are set at the following rate:
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